Superstar PHP Developers

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CamelWeb, creator of best-in-class-software-for-web-solutions and partner to world famous brands and businesses, is on the hunt for a Superstar PHP Developer to make massive contributions to it’s web development projects.

Since you are a Senior PHP Developer, we have high expectations. For starters, we assume that you’re familiar with the current major technologies, frameworks and tools that are utilised in a professional software development environment (maybe you can even teach us a trick or two).

Since our services are in high demand, we always work on multiple projects at the same time. We develop new ones and maintain hundreds of live websites that we’ve made in the past. Managing a multitude of active projects and their shifting priorities requires a great level of flexibility from your end. (That’s why we’re looking for Superstars…)

We also expect our Senior PHP Developers to be able to provide guidance to our junior and medior developers and have a genuine interest in their evolvement. At CamelWeb, a team mentality is an absolute must.

Don’t worry, we do not just ask a lot – we also give (a lot). As our employee you’ll receive a salary that matches your generous experience. We also offer individual KPI and bonus structures. Next to all that money, we’re simply a fun company to work for and collaborate with awesome clients and partners.

If you’re interested in hearing more about what we do and what we offer our employees, we invite you to get in touch with our HR department (submit a form, ring us up or shoot us a message on Facebook).


Since not every developer is a Superstar Senior (not yet at least), we’re also interested in hiring mid-level (medior) developers with a minimum of 2 years professional experience and junior+ developers with at least 1 year of working experience.


If you have questions about this job position or our company we invite you to contact Cristina Predoiu, our HR Director directly at 0730.033.741.